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August 2017



Using Vines to Decorate your Garden

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Using Vines to Decorate your Garden

Setting up vines is a very good means of decorating your gardens. Not only are they easy to put up but economical as well. If you think your garden looks so ordinary, growing vines then could be a welcome solution. You will not run out of choices, as there are so many kinds of vines that you could choose from that will suit every situation.

Ground vines are the most common type. They are relatively easier to manage because they are sturdy, grow fast and require less maintenance. Just leave them on the ground and you will see them self-sustaining. Whether you want them to be set as a boundary around your garden, or be seen entwining with other plants, they are so valuable. It could also be used to conceal the mulch and dirt on your garden. There are types who are so resilient they can withstand even the toughest conditions.
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Twining vine is another type that you could choose. They were named so because of the way they grow, in a climbing manner. They require a lattice, could be manufactured from a piece of wood or sometimes just as plain as a string, set standing on the ground. They use their tendrils to be able to climb up the lattice. Once you have set them properly, they will grow wherever you wish them to.

The use of vines is not limited only to garden purposes; they could also be an effective way to improve the architecture in your homes. You have to select a certain type of vine that produces sticky tips. They could be seen crawling up effortlessly on almost every surface. They are particularly helpful to liven up unpleasantly looking huge walls. Virginia creeper is a type of vine that is so fast growing and could cover up your entire wall in just a few months. Just be very careful not to let them grow out of hands, as you will see them ruining your house.

Ivy is a very familiar variety of vine. It is widely used because of its easy adaptability. It could be useful to wrap the ground or filling the walls. One disadvantage though, is that has been established to cause weakening of the establishment.

So it just a matter of choosing the suitable variety of vine that you need. Do some research to be able to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the vine you desire and you will never go wrong.

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